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NASA Header for Wix_ORIX_EXTENDED-01-01.
Check out the guideline below for ORIX Local Challenge


1. How to register for this challenge?
make sure you fill in the registration form here to participate the ORIX local CHALLENGE. Once submitted, you will receive a copy of your response. Please keep that as a proof of registration.

2. is there any team member limit?
the recommended team members are ideally 4-5 people with different expertise. however please do not exceed 5 members per team.

3. How to submit our project?
You are required to create a 3-minutes video, upload it on online sharing platform, submit it to us via project submission form here. You can also fill in your project details in the form.

3. how to interact with mentors?
mentors will be available in space apps discord channel. You can chat with them for mentorship. however, it depends on their discretion to go online.

4. is it compulsory to create a space apps account?
For orix local challenge, creating nasa space apps account at is not required.
5. is orix local challenge also open for ideathon category?
no. for orix local challenge, only hackathon category is open. this means you have to create a prototype, and not just an idea.

6. Why there are no team registration form? how to know my team members are registered under the same team?
Make sure all team members register in the registration form and fill in the same team name upon registering in the 'team name ' field.

7. how to add in / remove team members?
for new registration - simply ask the participant to register and put your team name in the 'team name' field.
for registered participants - simply edit your submission to a new team name or 'no team' if you are working solo.

8. is it compulsory to use orix given datasets?
yes. you can either use fully or partially in your project. integration with other data acquired from outside source is allowed.

9. does orix only offer one challenge?

10. i have read the challenge details and i understand that there are three requirements stated in the challenge details. do we need to fulfill all of these details in our project or just one?
You have to fulfill all the three requirements in your project. failure to do so will majorly decrease the chance of winning. 

11. Can i be in two teams simultaneously?
strictly no.

12. is this challenge is suitable for a newcomer who has very little experience in making apps?
our challenge is for everyone! little experience might give a big impact, who knows?

13. what should i include in the 3 minutes pitching video?
the explanation of your project. it is up to you on how would you present your video presentation.

14. can i make three apps to fulfill the three requirements?
No. Only one apps is required to cover all of these three requirements.

15. will i get a certificate for joining?
yes. e-certificate will be issued for all participants that has participated in 2-3weeks time.

16. do i need a team or can i join as a solo participant?
Up to you! if you feel you can work alone, you can! forming a team is not necessary, but having a team is nice to broaden the skillset on making the solution.

17. does this challenge available in
no. this challenge is only available locally.

18. can non-malaysian join this challenge?
yes. this challenge is open to all nationalities, even if you are not residing in malaysia.

17. what kind of payment does the merch shop accepts?
we only accept paypal and credit/debit payment. fpx online transaction is not available.

18. do you ship the merch internationally?
sadly, no. probably next year we'll figure out how to decrease its shipment cost..

19. free t-shirt this year?
sadly, no...

20. so nasa challenge (local award) has ended, and the extended one is orix local challenge?
yes. do note that nasa space apps challenge (local award) has already ended.

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