We are going digital! No more the hassle of queuing for your turn to pitch, to get food (we know, we know..), fighting over power plugs, chairs & working spaces. This year, we are bringing new elements on the virtual environment, as a part of our fight on breaking the COVID-19 Chain.



1. How to register for this challenge?
make sure you fill in the registration form here to participant for local awards. Once submitted, you will receive a copy of your response. Please keep that as a proof of registration.
2. is there any team member limit?
the recommended team members are ideally 4-5 people with different expertise. however please do not exceed 5 members per team.
3. how to interact with mentors?
mentors will be available in space apps discord channel. You can chat with them for mentorship.
4. is it compulsory to create a space apps account?
yes. kindly do so if you dont have a nasa space account by clicking here. you are not able to submit your project without a nasa account.
5. i am aware about hackathon. but what is ideathon?
ideathon is where you propose an idea without the need to show the working / actual prototype of the idea. For example, space travelling.
6. why should i join space apps kl discord server?
definitely! there will be a dedicated channel for each challenge for you to join. you can discuss with other participants freely and mentors will be available as well at scheduled time.
7. how to add in / remove team members?
8. does it compulsory to use nasa datasets?
yes. you can intergrate nasa datasets as a part or a whole in your project for both ideathon and hackathon.
9. where can i find nasa datasets?
there is a vast websites that provide nasa's datasets. one of the example is here. you can use the wonder of the internet to search for one.
10. Can I choose more than one challenge?
you can, however, can you do it all in 48 hours?
11. Can i be in two teams simultaneously?
strictly no, this includes participating in both category is strictly not allowed. 
12. is this challenge is suitable for a newcomer who has very little experience in making apps?
our challenge is for everyone! little experience might give a big impact, who knows?
13. what should i include in the 3 minutes pitching video?
the demo of project prototype that you are working using nasa datasets. you can either present it in presentation slides, standing in front of camera, or any kind of presentation that you preferred.
14. how to join the conference?
register here and keep yourself updated by checking this website. We will update the webminar link soon!
will i get a certificate for joining?
yes. e-certificate will be issued for all participants that has attended, including the conference-only participants.