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Frequently asked questions



Q :What is the registration fee for NASA Space Apps Challenge?

A : There is no fee to join this event. All is free of charge.



Q : What is the difference between Hackathon and Ideathon?

A : Hackathon - Pick a challenge, use a dataset and create a tangible solution/prototype in the form of apps, devices or system and pitch it to the judges.

Ideathon - Pick a challenge, brainstorm your idea and pitch to the judges. No need to create any apps, devices or system. Just pitch your idea.



Q :If I join the Hackathon, can I join the Workshop?

A : Yes. Feel free to join the workshop at your own convenience.



Q : Is the Workshop (in the Conference) is for Hackathon?

A : It is a General Workshop and this is not hackathon-focused. It is open for everyone who is interested in the topic.


Q : Does Hackathon starts on Saturday, 19th October 2019?

A : Yes, after the Opening Ceremony.



Q : How to change Team Name?

A : Kindly submit a new Team Registration Form and we will take care of there rest. Appreciate if you can let us know through Email / Facebook Messenger.

Team Registration Form :



Q : Can I get a reimbursement for my travel to the venue?

A : No, all transportation cost is at your own expenses.



Q : Is transportation to the venue is covered by the Organizer?

A : No, all transportation cost is covered by your own expenses.



Q : Is transportation to the venue is provided?

A : No, all transportation to the venue is at your own effort.



Q : Can we stay at the venue overnight?

A : Due to the limited facilities, manpower and safety, we do not allow participants to stay overnight at the venue.



Q : Where can we stay if we want to stay overnight?

A : You can opt on staying at nearby Hotels or 24-hrs cafe. However, all overnight cost is at your own expense and discretion.



Q : What is the Theme for Ideathon?

A : Earth’s Ocean, Our Moon, To the Stars, Living on Earth, Planets Near and Far



Q : What is the dateline for the event?

A : Hackathon & Ideathon : 19th October 2019 (10:30 AM)

Conference : 19th October 2019 (12:00 PM)



Q : I am going for Conference. Can I go to workshop?

A : If you are registering for Conference, you are entitled to go to all tentative catered for Conference. Kindly check “Conference Agenda” in our website.



Q : Can I participate both Ideathon and Hackathon?

A : No. 



Q : Can I participate in both Hackathon / Ideathon and Conference?

A : Yes. Please fill in “Hackathon Form” and “Conference Form” and submit it to us.



Q : I have not received a confirmation email. Should I re-register again?

A : Confirmation email will be sent in 24hr working days. If you have not yet received the email, kindly email us or send us a Facebook Messenger.



Q : Should we create an app?

A : You can create any tangible solutions or prototype, not just apps (applications). It can be a system, a working device, or anything imaginable.



Q : I want to change my challenge from Ideathon to Hackathon. How to do so?

A : Submit us a new Team Registration form and we will take care of the rest.



Q : What is the minimum & maximum team member for Hackathon & Ideathon?

A : Minimum is 1 member and a maximum of 5 members.



Q : I am joining the Hackathon. Do I need to be at the Venue for the whole day?

A : If you are only participating for Hackathom, you are encouraged to be at the venue on Saturday to interact with the Mentors. You may leave the venue as you wish. For Sunday, it is compulsory for you to be present during your pitching slot. Kindly check the tentative for more information for Pitching time.



Q : I am joining the Hackathon / Ideathon. Do I need to join Friday’s tentative?

A : Not compulsory. 



Q : Do I need to register for Conference?

A : Yes.



Q : Do I need to submit a video for Ideathon?

A : No. For this year, you are required to pitch.



Q : How to add more team members?

A : Submit us a new Team Registration Form if you wish to add in new team members.



Q : How to attend the Conference if I’m participating in Hackathon?

A : You can leave your Hacking area at anytime and join the Workshop / Keynote Speech / Fireside Chat. No Conference activity will be held on Sunday.



Q :What time the Conference will be held?

A : Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm



Q : Do I need to fill in the Pre-Registration?

A : Yes.



Q : Will you help me find a team?

A : We will assist in gathering all individual participants after the opening ceremony, however, you have to approach your potential team members yourself.



Q : I cannot make it on Friday. Can I still join the Conference?

A : Yes.



Q : Is NASA Account Registration is compulsory?

A : Yes. You will be required to submit your project there.



Q : Does Ideathon require pitching?

A : Yes. 



Q : Do the Organizer provide accommodation?

A : Sadly, no.



Q :Where can we find the Dataset?

A : Dataset can be found here



Q : I am joining the Conference. Can I join the Hackathon?

A : You can by submitting us the Pre-Registration Form.



Q : Can I watch the pitch?

A : Yes, you are welcome to watch the Moonshot Pitch



Q : Will be any live recording that we can watch online?

A : We are still in the midst of consideration. More to update.

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