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Creation lies at the heart of change. Whether it’s artwork, hardware, or a new technology. 
Challenges in this category will ask you to imagine, build, and create awareness.
From natural disasters to social and economic inequality, there comes a time when we must confront the problems we detect.
Pick a challenge in this category to tackle a variety of issues at local, national, and/or global levels. How can technology serve as a tool for change?
Connection empowers us to take action together.
Challenges in this category will ask you to examine methods for communicating with one another, and to analyze the complex networks of people and ideas that contribute to space agency missions on Earth and in space.
invent your own challenge.jpg
Pose your own challenge, and create a solution of your own choosing!
Reminder: Solutions in this category are wonderful, but they are not eligible for global judging or awards from NASA.
Advances in space exploration and Earth science have revealed the importance of building a sustainable future. What actions can we take to sustain our home planet, so that it is livable for future generations? And how can we sustain human life in the harsh conditions of space?
To make good decisions, we all must be well informed. NASA, CSA, CNES, and JAXA not only gather space-based data, but they also compile archival data and share analysis and results with policy makers, scientists, and/or the broader community.
This challenge category asks you to look at space agency data with fresh eyes. Come up with effective ways for engaging others about scientific and historical information.
Observation is critical to gathering the scientific and technical knowledge needed to take action. Space-based technologies, especially
Earth-observing satellites, have given us a greater understanding of Earth, and allowed us to probe into the depths of space.
Challenges in this category will ask you to devise tools that make observation data more accessible for use by scientists,
decision-makers, and the public.
This year's theme is "Take Action," a reminder that you can be a part of the solution to our world's challenges. Click on the Categories to find the detailed challenges you can choose!
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